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Heating Fireplace Kemlan Cube Fireplace


The Cube from Kemlan combines clean, effective heating with sleek minimalistic design. Additionally a removable handle allows for a clean flush look and also provides safe opening of the door. The Cube comes standard with a fan (single sided only) which increases air circulation by providing powerful convection heating.rolex replica

The Cube burns safely behind a large ceramic glass viewing area accompanied by a preheated primary airwash system, ensuring a constant clean view of the fire. Also available as a double sided unit. Proudly made and designed in Australia.


  • Burn time of up to 9 hours
  • Average efficiency of 61%
  • Clean burning with 1.4gms/kg emissions
  • Heating capacity of up to 22sq
  • ● Folded 6mm steel firebox
  • ● Proudly made in Australia with a 10 year warranty