Jetmaster Universal Open Wood Fireplaces

Universal Double Sided

Heat two rooms simultaneously with the stunning double sided Jetmaster Wood Fireplace. Presents a wide range of design possibilities with generous, ra...
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Universal Freestanding

Simplify your wood fire installation with the Freestanding Open Wood Fireplace, a flexible alternative where a wall insert is not practical. The expos...
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Universal Inserts

Provide the ambience and warmth that only an open wood fire can, plus improves the efficiency of heat to any home with a range of traditional and cont...
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Everyone loves the ambience that a real wood fireplace offers, and the Jetmaster range of open wood fireplaces look great and are a versatile option for your home.

Choose Jetmaster – Whether you are wanting a new fireplace, or looking to replace an existing fire, a Jetmaster wood burning fireplace is easy to install into almost any room. The Jetmaster range of wood burning fireplaces are available in a variety of sizes and depths, making it easy to select a size suitable for any residential or commercial space. Owning a Jetmaster open wood fireplace means that you will be adding a feature to your home that will provide you with warmth, while providing the ambience that only a genuine wood fire can.

Always functional – The Jetmaster fireplace works by drawing cool air into the heating chamber, and as the air heats, it rises and is forced back out into the room (through a jet at the top of the unit), creating a convection process. Also incorporated is a damper, which controls the burn rate, reducing heat loss and maximising overall efficiency. This helps to produce up to 5 fives more heat than the average brick fireplace.

Always stylish – We don’t measure our wood burning fireplaces by effectiveness alone. At Jetmaster, we also pride ourselves on our fireplaces’ design, and believe that they should always provide you with a heating solution that adds a level of sophistication to your home.

This doesn’t mean getting a Jetmaster is a complicated process. Our wood burning fireplaces can be installed into an existing fireplace or at a completely new location in your home, with a zero-clearance casing or brick/hebel construction made specifically for your new fireplace.

Our incredible wood burning fireplace range comes in 12 sizes. Best of all, each fireplace can be customised with a selection of trims, fascias and mantels, which means you can customise your Jetmaster fireplace to look exactly how you want it to. We ensure it perfectly meets your exact specifications regarding your required look and feel. You can also get any of our fire places as universal double-sided or universal freestanding models, which you can find out more about by clicking the links below.

If you want to find out more about our wide range of Jetmaster wood burning fireplaces, don’t hesitate to contact us today, or take some time to browse around the website. We have our professional representatives standing by to answer any of your questions and to help you pick out the perfect fireplace that suits your needs.