Slow Combustion Wood Fireplaces

What is a slow combustion fireplace? – A slow combustion wood burning fireplace is a fireplace that has a glass door and is fitted with air control that you can adjust to regulate the flow of air into the fireplace’s chamber. This allows you feed air to the fire when it needs it most, and control the air for a long, steady burn. Slow combustion fireplaces offer high heat output, long burn times and great efficiency.

Slow combustion effectiveness – When you burn a fire in an open fireplace, you lose a percentage of the heat created up the flue. On the other hand, a slow combustion wood burning fire place can transfer a large amount of the heat generated by a fire back into the room, as it recirculates the hot air through its systems before letting it out through the flue. This thoroughly burns all the firewood in your fireplace. It also means that less hot air is lost going up the flue, with the net result being a much higher heat output and efficiency than open wood fireplaces.

Slow combustion fire places also have the following benefits over open fire places:

Environmentally friendly – Emissions from burning the correct types of hardwoods are low, provided you are burning the right type of wood. You should only burn split hardwood that has been seasoned for at least 12 months, with a moisture level between 12-20%. You can purchase moisture meters to test your firewood from Jetmaster, or from most firewood suppliers or hardware stores. Particulate emissions need to be in accordance with Australian standards AS/NZS 4013.

Efficiency – As we mentioned above, the efficiency of a slow combustion wood burning fireplace is an important consideration to make. The higher the efficiency, the more effectively the firewood is burnt and utilised in the fireplace. We proudly stock the most efficient freestanding fireplace and most efficient insert of any slow combustion wood burning fireplaces in Australia!

Safety – Firewood naturally sparks, but you needn’t worry when the fire is contained behind a glass door. Keep in mind that slow combustion fireplaces do get hot, so if you are worried about children or pets getting too close to the fireplace, then you can use a freestanding fire screen to prevent this.

Adds value – A slow combustion fire place is a great heating option, particularly if you do not have access to gas at your home. With long burn times, high heat output and great efficiency, a slow combustion fireplace adds immediate value to any home.

Jetmaster Heat & Glo has Australia’s most sought after range of slow combustion wood fireplaces, which include the Quadra-Fire and Heatilator brands, and our proudly Australian made Kemlan fireplaces. There are some of the highest quality and efficient fire places in the country.

For more information about our slow combustion fireplaces, feel free to contact us with us today!