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Welcome to Jetmaster Heat & Glo

Established in 1979, Jetmaster Heat & Glo is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of gas and wood fireplaces. Since the inception of Jetmaster, it’s been our passion to supply a wide range of quality, stylish, and practical heating solutions that cater to all types of constructions and decors.

 Jetmaster Heat & Glo is the market leader in fireplace technology and design, offering inbuilt, single and double-sided fireplaces as well as freestanding units along with a variety of installation options. A fireplace from Jetmaster Heat & Glo adds immediate value to a home. Our products are not only the most well known in the industry but are also the preferred choice of builders and homeowners alike.

This commitment to quality, reliability and functional fireplaces is an ongoing goal, and has made us the Australian market leader in fireplace technology and design. Jetmaster Heat & Glo offers built-in fireplaces that are single, or double-sided, as well as freestanding units that can be installed according to a variety of options.

Getting a fireplace from Jetmaster Heat & Glo will add great value to your home. Just take a look at our wide variety of fireplaces that are available in a range of wood or gas burning styles. Our fireplaces are available in a variety of sizes, medias, trims, fronts and mantels, which means you can customise your fireplace until it’s perfect for your home. Choose from the following ranges:

Heat & Glo – Balanced Flue technology was created by Heat & Glo, and it is now the most requested fireplace technology on the market. Balanced Flue fireplaces draw fresh air for combustion from outside, and expel any combustion by-products externally, helping maintain optimum indoor air quality.

The balanced flue system is a sealed system and provides clean, safe, and convenient heat that’s just a push of the button away. The units can also be terminated easily, either vertically through the roof or horizontally through the wall. These cutting-edge units also feature the IntelliFire Plus ignition system which helps save money on gas, as it only provides a pilot flame when the unit is operation, rather than a traditional continuously burning standing pilot.

Jetmaster – The definitive open wood fireplaces from Jetmaster are a timeless classic. The Jetmaster universal range are also available as open gas fireplaces, with a range of medias, fronts and burners to choose from. Available in 12 sizes, the Jetmaster range can easily be fitted into a new build or into existing chimneys.

Horizon – Proudly Australian made and designed, the Horizon range of open gas fireplaces are available in five different styles and a range of sizes. These sophisticated fires are the perfect complement to any modern home.

Quadra-Fire – With Quadra-Fire, performance comes standard. These durable slow combustion wood-burning fireplaces are built to last. It all started with the development of the Four-Point Burn System. This patented technology produced intense rolling flames so efficient, it dawned the inception of the Quadra-Fire name. Next came Automatic Combustion Control (ACC). This advanced heat-management technology feeds the fire with air when it’s needed most – for precision start-up and consistent, extended burns.

Heatilator – If you’re looking for an efficient slow combustion fireplace, then look no further than a Heatilator. With Australia’s most efficient freestanding and most efficient insert slow combustion wood burning fireplaces as part of the Heatilator range, if efficiency is high on your list of priorities when looking for a fireplace, then a Heatilator is the best choice.

Kemlan – Proudly made and designed in Australian, Kemlan’s range of slow combustion wood burning fireplaces includes freestanding and insert models, in variety of modern and contemporary designs.

This website is designed to assist you in making valid design decisions for your project, based not only on aesthetic considerations, but also practical heating requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance you may require.