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Freestanding Fireplaces Launceston

Experience the comfort of a fireplace without the hassle of extensive architectural redesign. Whether you are looking to renovate your home or simply want to add a stylish piece to your living space, we can offer the best solution for you.

For a modern twist on a classic design, consider our iSeries freestanding gas fireplace with a slim profile that fits into any living area. We also offer the VisionLINE Taurus slow combustion fireplace, a freestanding model focused on energy efficiency and performance.

Brilliant Heat That’s Beautiful To Watch

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Universal Freestanding Fireplace Options in Launceston

With options spanning classic to modern designs, Jetmaster Heat & Glo offers a diverse range of freestanding fireplaces to suit the style of your home.

Our universal freestanding fireplace offers a versatile heat solution that can be appreciated from all sides in the centre of a room. After all, we care about your comfort at home.

VisionLINE Taurus Slow Combustion Fireplace – A Stylish Space

Create an inviting atmosphere and add charm to your living space. Our freestanding fireplaces for homes in Launceston are designed to offer warmth and comfort while also enhancing your interior space.

Install near large windows in your living room or as a stylish addition to your outdoor space. Our freestanding fireplaces provide a striking visual feature while delivering powerful heating performance!

Why Choose Jetmaster Heat & Glo for iSeries Freestanding Gas Fireplaces in Launceston?

  • Extensive Experience: Since 1979, we’ve been creating fireplaces that exude excellence.
  • Variety of Design Options: From classic to contemporary, we offer beautiful fireplaces to complement any decor.
  • High-Efficiency Heating: Our fireplaces promise impressive heat output.
  • Outstanding Warranty: We offer warranties to give our customers peace of mind.
  • Quality Customer Service: We work closely with you to find the perfect fireplace for your needs.

Browse our online range today and transform your living space in Launceston into a cosy sanctuary.

Frequently Asked Questions for Freestanding Fireplaces in Launceston

What types of freestanding fireplaces does Jetmaster Heat & Glo offer in Launceston?

Jetmaster Heat & Glo offers a diverse range of freestanding fireplaces for homes in Launceston, encompassing both classic and modern designs. This includes the versatile universal freestanding fireplace, the sleek iSeries freestanding gas fireplace and the energy-efficient VisionLINE Taurus slow combustion fireplace.

How do freestanding fireplaces from Jetmaster Heat & Glo enhance the style of a Launceston home?

Our freestanding fireplaces add style and exude comfort. Our fireplaces are designed to provide warmth, an inviting atmosphere and add charm to your living space.

Are Jetmaster Heat & Glo's freestanding fireplaces in Launceston easy to install?

Yes, our freestanding fireplaces are designed for easy installation. We offer a balance between functionality and aesthetics, and they are equally impressive in terms of energy efficiency.

Can a freestanding fireplace increase my property value in Launceston?

Absolutely! Not only do our freestanding fireplaces provide an efficient source of heat, but they also serve as a focal point for any room. With clean lines and contemporary design, these fireplaces can transform a regular room.

How do I choose the right freestanding fireplace for my Launceston home?

When choosing a freestanding fireplace for your Launceston property, consider the size of the room, your preferred fuel type (wood or gas), the climate, and your home’s insulation.

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