Keys To Properly Cleaning Your Fireplace Glass Screen

When you choose to install a Heat & Glo gas fireplace over a wood burning one, you’re probably doing so as you want a clean burning and easy to fuel alternative. Of course, you’ll want to enjoy the visual appeal of flames as well. To keep enjoying this and to make sure you’re always aware […]

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How To Make The Most Of Your Fireplace In Summer

October brings with it a welcome change in temperature as the heat kicks into full gear and we start preparing for Summer. As you pack away heavy blankets and coats and swap out hot chocolate for refreshing cool drinks, you might be wondering what to do with your fireplace.
After all, you won’t be using it […]

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Common Misconceptions About Fireplaces And Chimneys

When you think of a chimney and fireplace, what immediately comes to mind? For many of us, it’s the age-old tradition of Santa Claus coming down the chimney to leave gifts under the tree for boys and girls who’ve been good.
It’s no surprise that many of us still hold old-fashioned ideas of how fireplaces and […]

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When Should You Service Your Fireplace?

Every fireplace creates combustion by-products, whether a gas or wood burning fireplace. Although gas fireplaces are some of the most efficient heating devices available, it is recommended that they are serviced at least once every two years. To give you peace of mind for when the heating season comes by, make sure you have your […]

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Before You Install A Fireplace In Your Bedroom, Consider This…

A fireplace in a bedroom adds that special, cosy charm of a Bronte novel, transforming you back to the days of elegance, relaxation and absolute pleasure. What could be more romantic?
Having a professionally-installed fireplace, with a hearth, is not as difficult as you might imagine, but you really need to consider a few things before […]

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What Is Best For Your Fireplace – Coal, Pebbles or Logs?

A gas or electric fireplace is one of the cleanest and most efficient forms of lighting up your home with warmth and ambience. There are various burning medias available, depending on your taste and what effect you most want to create.
A burner is simply the part of the fire through which the fire or flames […]

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Reduce Your Wood Heater Smoke With These Basic Tips

Fire and human beings have come a long way together, and there’s something innate in all of us for which fire always seems an element with which we are connected. Besides the many uses of it, such as cooking, we use wood heaters for warmth—and let’s be frank here, there’s nothing more cosy and satisfying […]

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Restrictions You Need To Know About Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fire can be a great way to entertain your guests in your backyard or on your patio. In fact, outdoor fireplaces allow you to enjoy your entertainment area all year round. Despite strict regulations and restrictions for outdoor fireplaces that have been put into place, there should be nothing to stop you from […]

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Follow These Tips To Become A Wood Burning Fireplace Master!

It’s winter time, which means a nice, cosy fire is just the thing to keep the cold at bay. Although, with a wood burning fireplace, there are some steps you have to take to ensure you enjoy your fireplace to its fullest potential, and keep yourself warm by a brilliant fireplace.
Here are some tips that […]

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Avoid The Cold And Stay In With A Free Standing Gas Fireplace

We’ve just entered the first few weeks of winter and temperatures have plummeted. In fact, experts are saying that the country is experiencing the coldest start to winter in 128 years.
With low temperatures and freezing winds, as well as longer nights and earlier sunsets, it’s no wonder that the latest trend sweeping Australian households involves […]

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