VisionLINE Air Flue

Designed in Europe for high efficiency homes, the VisionLINE air flue is crafted with the highest quality materials and packed with state of the art technology, enhancing your fire while maintaining indoor air quality and efficiency.

VisionLINE Air Flue Approval number to AS/NZS 2918 2018 Appendix F is ASFT20032 Issued on 3rd April 2020

Direct vent flue systems protect indoor air quality like no other.

The Heat & Glo direct vent flue system protects your indoor air quality by expelling 100% of combustion exhaust and feeding the fire with air from outside.

This safe and sealed technology which Heat & Glo invented in 1987, has since become the benchmark for all gas fireplaces.

This technology is regarded as one of the top 25 breakthroughs in residential construction. Leading with innovation, Heat & Glo have received more patents, awards and honours than any other manufacturer.

Heat & Glo fireplaces and inserts are designed and built by our experienced technicians in the USA. We continue to lead the industry and keep Australian homes safe by utilising and improving our own advanced technologies, quality built products.

With over 50 industry awards, over 74 product patents and 45 industry firsts, Heat & Glo is an unrivaled industry leader.

Heat and glo flu diagram
Jetmaster Heat and glo flu vent systems diagram