1. Pairing the Remote to the Fireplace

  1. Open the drop down panel at the base of the fireplace (XLR, MEZZO & i30 excluded).
  2. Locate the Control Module (picture 1).
  3. Move the small black sliding switch to the remote position (far right position).
      • If this is already in the remote position, move it to the off position (Middle), leave it for 30 seconds, then move back to remote
  4. Get a paper clip or something of the like.
  5. Below the switch described in step 3, is a small hole (Learn Button).
  6. Push the paperclip into the hole until you feel a button depress and you should receive a single beep from the module.
  7. Once the module beeps, a GREEN LED light will start flashing for 10 seconds.
  8. Within this 10 second period, push and hold down the main RED button on the remote until you hear TWO beeps from the module.
  9. Once you receive the two beeps, you have successfully paired the remote to your Heat & Glo Fireplace.

2. Changing remote from Fahrenheit to Celsius

  1. Open the back cover of the remote – where the batteries are located (pictured  right).
  2. There is a small black switch on the side of where the batteries are installed.
  3. Simply slide this switch from the “F” side to the “C” side.
  4. The temperature on the remote will now be in Celsius.

IntelliFire Plus RC-300 remote operating instructions

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