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Congratulations On Selecting a New Gas Fireplace!

Here’s How You Can Choose The Right Insert

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and chosen to install a Jetmaster open gas fireplace in your home. But before installation can be completed, you’ll need to choose the right burner and media, so that soon your new fireplace will be ready to be used.

With so many different kinds to choose from we don’t blame you for not knowing where to begin. There are many factors to consider, such as the dimensions of your fireplace, style of home, as well as what the whole end-product will look like. Allow Jetmaster to help you make the right decision!

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of burner according to your specifications, you’ll need to choose the media. For a traditional look, choose coals or logs, or for a more modern unit go for pebbles. There are also some choices within media of different burners and can be customised with fronts to suit.

It’s important to consider the application – is the unit going into an existing fireplace opening, or is it a brand new build? With an existing fireplace, you may be able to put just the burner in the opening, or a Jetmaster firebox with the gas burner. It’s also important to check whether you have a brick chimney that goes all the way up, and that there are no breaks in the chimney, as this can affect the flue system for the unit. For a new build with no chimney present, you’ll have more flexibility as to the size of the fire that can be installed.

Always make sure you use an installer who is familiar with the unit and qualified to conduct the work. You can also update your existing wood burning Jetmaster fireplace to a gas-burning unit, if the buying, storing and use of firewood is becoming too much of a hassle. In this instance, you’ll need to check what size firebox you currently have, and then choose a burner to suit. Your installer can easily convert your fireplace from a wood to a gas-burning fire, negating the need for firewood.

Armed with the above information, choosing the right gas insert for your fireplace should be a breeze – and if you’re still stuck you can always contact Jetmaster directly for assistance.

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