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Decor Ideas To Bring Your Fireplace To Life


A fireplace is a great addition to any home, creating a warm, welcoming space for the family to gather around. Studies show that we become calmer and more sociable around a fireplace – it’s about bonding in a multi-sensory environment.

In addition to these psychological benefits, a fireplace is an interior design feature that adds value to your home. It’s a central focal point that can enhance the atmosphere of a room.

When it’s burning, a fireplace needs few enhancements, but in warmer months, you can spice up the decor in the following ways:

  • Mirrors and artwork

Rather than cluttering the mantel with lots of small pictures, interior designers suggest hanging a large mirror, photograph or painting above a fireplace. Large hangings make your ceiling look higher, create the illusion of space in the room and draw the eye to the fireplace.

  • Add accessories and texture to the mantle

If you have a mantle, using it to display decorative items can make the room feel homely and inviting, but remember to keep it symmetrical. This doesn’t mean you have to have the same items on either side, but your display must be balanced. Books, candles, vases and other items of special value to you can add polish and enhance the unique feeling of your home. One or two items can be just as effective as five or six, but make sure that one side doesn’t look more heavily or sparsely decorated than the other.

  • Fill the hearth

When you aren’t using your hearth, it’s an ideal place to display candles or plants. Wicker baskets or stack-cut logs can also be stored in or in front of the space for a rustic vibe.

The idea is to play with different heights and textures. The arrangement can be changed according to the season or a special event. A few sparkling lights can be draped around the display for an extra-special touch when the fire isn’t burning.

You can try one or all these decor ideas whether you have a traditional fireplace or a modern gas model. Speak to the team at Jetmaster to find out more about our beautiful range of customisable fireplaces that will transform your home.

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