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Everything You Need To Know About Gas Fireplaces


Let’s admit it; nothing beats a warm, cosy fireplace on a cold day. The atmosphere of a fireplace with its flickering flames in the background and generous heat makes it the perfect relaxation spot. However, before you run off and purchase a gas fireplace, consider a few professional tips first.

  • Budget

A budget for any appliance, especially one that will be fixed permanently to your home needs in-depth thought. Obviously, we all want a good price for most of our purchases, but when it comes to a fireplace, it’s better to save up until you can afford one that is top quality. However, keep an eye out for specials, some fireplace companies have great deals throughout the year.

  • Inside or Outside

Deciding on where to install your fireplace depends on your social activities and your lifestyle. If you predominantly host your guests inside, then that would be the best place. Alternatively, a fireplace outside would have the added benefit of entertaining your friends and family in a great outdoor area. You should also consider if you are wanting a gas or wood fireplace. Are you looking for something that’s easy to use and still produces heat, or a more traditional experience created by burning wood?

  • Flue system

There are different types of flue systems for different fireplaces, so it’s important to consider where you want the fireplace located in your home and what is practical. Some fireplaces can only be flued vertically, whereas others can be flued either vertically or horizontally. Even if you have an old and unsightly heater, there are models that you can replace it with, or if you have an open wood fire and decide that the maintenance has become too much, it can be modified to use a gas burner instead.

  • Design

It’s summer right now, so there’s no possible way you can be thinking of a fireplace. Words like “keeping warm and cosy with a cuppa

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