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How Investing In A Fireplace Can Make You Money On Your Australian Property


If you own a home that you plan on selling one day then you’re probably always looking at ways to add financial value to your property. But not many additions can immediately be enjoyed by you as a homeowner. You could add an additional bathroom, extra closets or a spare room, but the people buying your home will enjoy these features more than you can. Adding a fireplace will not only immediately increase your home’s financial value, but also become an attractive feature of your home that you can enjoy from the moment it’s installed to the moment you sell up.

Numerous realtor associations and real estate research bodies have found that fireplaces remain a sought-after feature in Australian homes. In fact, a fireplace is the second most requested upgrade to a home. Many people are willing to pay extra for homes with fireplaces installed and believe that it has a positive effect on a home’s selling price. Many estate agents also believe that the value price of a local property increases when buyers find out it has a fireplace.

Unlike many other functional features of a property, fireplaces tend to evoke positive emotions and qualities and make a house feel more like home. It brings to mind feelings of warmth, cosiness and comfort in a way that can be demonstrated to potential buyers so that they can experience it for themselves – no imagination required.

If you’re still on the fence about getting a fireplace installed then you should consider that it will not only cost less than other value-adding renovations, but will also take less time to have installed. Provided you work with a trusted local fireplace provider and installation service, a fireplace is a home addition that you can start to enjoy almost immediately.

If you want to add a fireplace to your home that you’ll enjoy, you need to make sure it’s one you’re happy with looking at and using until you do decide to sell. Start by looking at various types of fireplaces (wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces) on offer and narrow down your choices based on what would best suit your living space. Then contact Jetmaster Heat & Glo to discuss which kind would best meet your needs and budget.

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