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Gas Fireplaces:
State of the Art Style & Technology

Why our pioneering Heat & Glo gas
fireplaces are a brilliant investment

The Balanced Flue technology in our Heat & Glo range gives you everything you love about gas fireplaces: immediate ignition, instant warmth, efficient heat, multifunctional remote controls, energy conservation and easy installation — even without a chimney.

Heat & Glo invented the Balanced Flue gas fireplace technology in 1989 and revolutionised the industry. Today, the balanced flue system is the most requested technology specified for gas fireplaces

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Open Gas – Always Stylish

Our versatile range of clean, contemporary gas fireplace designs fit perfectly with a variety of interiors. You can be sure to find the sophisticated look and feel that matches your home decor.

Exceptional Efficiency

Style is key, but our gas fireplace range also incorporates the latest technology, so you can count on reduced heat loss and superb efficiency.

Worry-Free Installation

With a variety of sizes and depths, our Jetmaster range can fit seamlessly into virtually any residential or commercial space. Whether you’re replacing an existing fireplace or adding a new one to your home, we can customise every detail to suit your space, including balanced flue, open gas and gas burner fireplace models.

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