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Switch From a Wood Fireplace To a Gas Fireplace In Three Easy Steps


Tired of your wood burning fireplace?

There are many reasons you could be considering contacting Jetmaster and switching to a gas fireplace. It’s a popular choice for those who value convenience over authenticity, as it allows you to have a heat source that can be switched on with a flick of a switch without dealing with the mess and fuss that comes from sourcing, hauling and storing wood for burning. It also eliminates the maintenance like having your chimney swept or skimming the ash bed, as well as the smell that usually accompanies a wood burning fireplace.

Perhaps you have only recently installed your wood fireplace, and have come to find that you aren’t up for the work it involves. Perhaps your lifestyle has changed, necessitating the need for a quicker, easier and cleaner fireplace option. If this is you, you don’t have to put up with your wooden fireplace if you don’t want to. Believe it or not, switching your Jetmaster fireplace from a wood burning one to one that works using gas is less expensive than you think, and it will certainly take less time and work than starting from scratch!

When switching a fireplace from wood to gas, the log pan is removed and a small hole is drilled in the side of the box to allow for the gas line to connect to the gas burner. Through this hole, the gas line is connected and hooked up to the burner. You can choose from logs, pebbles or coal burners, with a choice of sizes and fronts available to suit your home.

The entire process of switching your fireplace can take less than a day, so why not contact Jetmaster today and get started?

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