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The Best Tips For Sourcing & Storing Your Firewood


Having your fireplace in your home beats having a heater because it produces ambient effects that are impossible to replicate otherwise. A fire provides heat, but it also provides a signature smoky scent, audible crackles and pops, and a soothing glow of moving flames to finish off the overall effect. All of these features have one thing in common – they’re dependent on the quality of the wood you use.

A common problem with firewood is that it’s not the easiest to source or store. Improper storage and handling can create wood that’s too smoky, too silent, or unable to burn in the first place. It could also create a fire hazard. Here’s how you can find the best firewood and keep it safe for use across the seasons.

Sourcing Fuel For Fire: How To Find The Best Wood

Collecting firewood entails more than just chopping branches or picking up twigs at random. Follow this quick guide to find the wood you need.

1)  Familiarise yourself with the nature conservation policies where you live. Your local government may have rules about where, when and how you can collect wood. If you can collect wood locally, find out which types are suitable for burning and if there is an arborist in the vicinity who can provide it.

2)  Avoid tampering with dead trees, as this can have a negative impact on surrounding ecosystems. These trees could serve as a habitat for wildlife, insects and microorganisms.

3)  Buy reclaimed wood from second-hand/recycled building material companies. Using repurposed wood as fuel is better for the environment than chopping down living, oxygen-producing trees.

4)  Collect salvaged wood from waterways and forest floors, ensuring it is the right type of Australian hardwood such as Red Gum.

Use These Expert Storage Tips To Keep Up The Heat

Wood burns best once it’s aged, so your wood storage should help this. Make sure your wood is:

  • Stacked above the ground.
  • Sheltered from the rain
  • In a breathable environment, to allow for adequate ventilation.

Everything you need to know about getting the wood you need and how to treat it is in this guide. If you’re looking for more advice in selecting wood (or perhaps need a wood burning fireplace installed), Jetmaster can assist. Feel free to get in contact with us today!

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