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What You Can Do With Your Fireplace Wood Ash


It may be difficult to imagine, but when the fire’s gone out and you have that heap of ash left over, instead of spading it up and throwing it away, you could actually make great use of it.

There are many ways you can use the ash from your wood-burning fireplace that would be highly beneficial to you.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with your wood ash:

  • Odour removal

If your fridge has that odour that just won’t go away, try filling a small bowl of ash from your wood fireplace and leave it there for a couple of days. You’ll soon notice the smell disappear. If it doesn’t work the first time, just try again. This is because ash absorbs odours. Also, if you have cats, mix a little of the ash in the kitty litter box for the same effect.

  • Repellent

Insects and animals are innately averse to ash. You can use it as a natural repellent if you’re growing vegetables or if you just want the pests out of your house plants. It is so effective that for centuries, people have used ash to cover ripening cheese from animals and insects. It’s that effective as a repellent.

  • Garden

It’s believed that adding ash on your grass will help it grow thicker and faster. Remember to water it as well though. Also, try mixing the ash with the manure when planting your range of flowers. For vegetables, especially tomatoes, ash is the best helper to boost growth.

  • Trees

Ash produces nitrogen, which is one of the ingredients essential for trees to grow healthier and stronger. At the base of your trees, spread some of your ash from your wood fireplace and water it. If you do this every so often, you will soon see the difference in your tree’s lushness.

  • Abrasive

Ash is a natural abrasive cleaner and can be used to clean various objects around your house, from your pots and frying pans to the glass door on your oven. Mix the ash in some water and dip a piece of newspaper in it, then gently scrub the glass. Voila! You’ll have a shiny-clean oven. On top of this, you’ll save heaps when you consider the cost of abrasive cleaners you’ve been buying all this time.

All this from a pile of ash – who would have thought? Now you can reuse the ash in a meaningful way and even save on buying expensive cleaner products or odour control sprays.

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