Why Installing A Fireplace From Scratch With a Reputable Installer Is Easier Than You Think

Thinking about getting a fireplace installed but put off by the perceived time and effort it will take? Many people would love to enjoy the old fashioned intimacy of a traditional fireplace, but assume that unless they convert an existing fireplace, or have an existing chimney, that it’s going to be a long, expensive and […]

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Choose The Right Finish For Your Fireplace!

After months of careful consideration, you’ve finally settled on the perfect Gas Fires Wall Mounted for your home – be it gas powered or wood burning and open or closed. You are confident that you have chosen one that will perform as you need it to as well as one that will fit in well with […]

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Double Sided, Insert Or Freestanding? How To Choose The Best Open Gas Fireplace For Your Home

Gas fireplaces are great. If you’ve always wanted the look and appearance of a real fire, but with with less heat and maintenance then an open gas fireplace does the trick. It does require a fresh air supply to ignite itself, before drawing it in under the fire and recirculating it in the room, but […]

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3 Key Factors to Consider when Choosing between Inbuilt Wood Heaters and Freestanding Wood Fireplaces for your Melbourne Home

Wood burning fires remain an evergreen choice for many Melbourne homeowners who want to replicate the magic of a wood fireplace in their homes. The home heating industry has provided homeowners with a further choice in wood fire heating systems: inbuilt wood heaters and freestanding wood fires. Each option has its own range of benefits […]

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What are some of the benefits of face-lifting your existing fireplace with a wood fire insert?

If you are giving your home a makeover this year don’t overlook giving your existing fireplace a facelift. These can be easily upgraded and enhanced with a wood fire insert. Instead of a complete overhaul of your masonry fireplace which can be quite costly, an insert provides a stress-free more cost effective option. Maybe you’ve […]

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3 Advantages of a balanced flue gas heater that will transform the heating of your Melbourne home

Thanks to advancements in home heating solutions, Australian homeowners can now benefit from a range of balanced flue gas fireplaces from Heat & Glo, even in homes that do not have a traditional chimney in place. Contemporary technology and engineering in balanced flue gas heaters have made this type of gas fireplace a popular option […]

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3 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Wood Heater In Melbourne

If you’re considering upgrading the comfort of your Melbourne home by installing a wood heater, you will be pleased to know that you will be joining hundreds of thousands of other happy homeowners in Australia – about 900 000 according to the Australian Home Heating Association. Wood heaters make for an excellent choice in cost effective […]

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Thinking Of Installing An Outdoor Fireplace In Melbourne? Keep These 5 Planning Tips In Mind

A modern outdoor fireplace will add value to both your lifestyle and Melbourne home. Open dancing flames can evoke a magical atmosphere in which you can gather the family and friends around and tell stories of ancestral legend and family folklore if you want. Or simply sit in wondrous silence and ponder what mysteries lay […]

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Use Gas Log Fires Safely And Responsibly With These Top Fire Safety Habits

At Jetmaster we take great pride in providing you with aesthetically attractive and technologically advanced fireplace systems to help you create an inviting atmosphere within your home. While these systems are packed with great innovative features that include safety features we still suggest you implement a few fire safety habits to not only minimize fire […]

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Slow Combustion Wood Heaters In Melbourne Promise Lower Running Costs And Less Emissions

Jetmaster Heat & Glo is a well-known Australian supplier of a full range of exclusive wood and gas fireplaces. Our products are the ideal solution to various important problems that Australian homeowners have such as lasting quality, functionality and outstanding reliability. Heat your home in comfort and style. Don’t have an existing fireplace but would […]

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