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Open Wood Fireplaces
Stylish, Versatile, Sophisticated

Complete your home with an exceptional
real wood fireplace from Jetmaster

Think back to that special feeling you get from a real wood fireplace. You might be with family, loved ones or a circle of friends, and even long after the last embers fade, that warm, crackling glow stays with you.

Now you can rekindle those experiences in your own home, any time you wish, with our versatile range of real wood fireplaces.

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Always Stylish

Our versatile range of clean, contemporary wood fireplace designs fit perfectly with a variety of interiors. You can be sure to find the sophisticated look and feel that matches your home decor.

Exceptional Efficiency

An unchanged classic design since the 1950s, improved the efficiency of a normal brick fireplace by up to 4 times, and still does today.

Worry-Free Installation

With a variety of sizes and depths, our Jetmaster range can fit seamlessly into virtually any residential or commercial space. Whether you’re replacing an existing fireplace or adding a new one to your home, we can customise every detail to suit your space, including universal double-sided or freestanding wood fireplace models.

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