Electric Fireplaces

Inbuilt Electric Fireplace

The new Inbuilt Electric Fireplace features a clean "flush finish" installation with no flueing required. With high efficiency Phillips branded LED li...
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GE Linear Electric Fire

The GE Linear Electric’s clean design produces a realistic looking fire on a bed of rocks and has the ability to heat up to 2 squares. The ambient b...
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If you’re looking for a decorative feature fireplace, but a traditional fireplace is not practical for your home, an electric fireplace could be the perfect solution. An electric fireplace creates a stunning effect at the push of a button. You can choose to operate the unit with just the flames, or have warmth from the fire as well. Because electric fireplaces do not require flue, they can easily be installed into almost any home or commercial space.
Here are some of the benefits of getting an electric fireplace.

Décor – An electric fireplace can create a dramatic statement in a room. They are perfect for applications where a traditional flue run is too difficult to install and vent, such as in multi-storey apartments. They can be recessed into the wall for a more slimline look.

Convenience – Seeing as electric fireplaces don’t have the normal parts of ordinary fireplaces, they don’t require a chimney or gas line to operate, you can have them installed in rooms that are inaccessible to traditional fireplaces. These units feature ultra-quiet operation, and come with a full function remote control for ease of use.

Appearance – It’s important to keep in mind when looking at an electric fireplace that although they can put out a small amount of heat, they are termed as decorative fireplaces. They produce brilliant colour and varying flame settings. You can also use just the lights without the heat for a purely decorative option, meaning you can enjoy the look of a fireplace without the heat in the warmer months.

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