Outdoor Fireplaces

Custom Gas Fire Pits

Crystal Fire Burners are made from high quality stainless steel and include tempered glass gems and ignition controls. Create your ultimate custom fir...
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Horizon Outdoor Patio Fireplace

The new Patio Horizon Outdoor gas fireplace will add an amazing feature to your outdoor space. No flue is necessary so it's easy to install, and with ...
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Universal Outdoor Wood Fire

Jetmaster’s Open Outdoor Wood fireplace brings a whole new atmosphere to outdoor entertaining. Producing efficient, radiant and convected heat, this...
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If you’re looking for a great way to enhance your outdoor entertaining area for any season, you should consider getting an outdoor fireplace. Imagine a beautiful feature from which a glowing fire dances atop a bed of fire crystals producing stunning effects. This spellbinding effect is what our modern gas firepits offer you.

Of course, you might feel that you’d like to have a wood-burning fireplace instead of a gas one, and we can’t fault either choice, as there is little that compares to having a great time with friends over the sound of a crackling fire.

We offer both gas and wood burning outdoor fireplaces, which means that whatever your choice, you can rest assured you will get the perfect fireplace for your outdoor entertainment area, that’s built according to our exacting standards and won’t let you down.

The Jetmaster difference – We offer open wood fireplaces in 12 different sizes, each one more than able to deliver an authentic fireplace experience that will keep the conversation going for ages.

Our wood burning fireplaces aren’t just for show either. Apart from the whole new atmosphere and approach to outdoor entertaining, our wood burning open fireplaces are also designed to produce impressive radiant and convective heat. This means you’ll be able to entertain your guests all year round, especially on cool summer evenings and even on chilly winter nights.

As stated above, you can always choose from our range of modern gas fire pits if you feel that your space is better suited for a sleeker, more ambient fire that’s focused on enhancing the entertainment. It’s important to note that because the Jetmaster open wood fires are not specifically designed for outdoor use, that they should be undercover and completely away from any weather.

A quick look at our products – We offer linear and round custom open gas fire pits that are made from stainless steel, which includes tempered glass crystals and ignition controls. This allows you the freedom to customise the design to your specifications. If you’re looking for something more contained, the Horizon outdoor patio is an inbuilt, flueless gas fireplace.

For the wood fire enthusiasts, you can also look at our Universal Outdoor Wood Fireplace that is ready to suit your every need.

If you are unsure which outdoor fireplace to choose, or what type is best for your entertaining needs, feel free to contact us and we can help you decide.