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3 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Wood Heater In Melbourne


If you’re considering upgrading the comfort of your Melbourne home by installing a wood heater, you will be pleased to know that you will be joining hundreds of thousands of other happy homeowners in Australia – about 900 000 according to the Australian Home Heating Association. Wood heaters make for an excellent choice in cost-effective home heating options and the fireplace units available from Jetmaster offers a superior level of thermal comfort packaged in stunning contemporary designs.

Considering that there are many different types of fireplace systems available, each with an array of models to choose from, we thought we’d help you with a few factors to consider before installing a wood heater in your Melbourne home.

Which type of wood heater is the perfect fit for you?

Relevant questions to ask yourself here include: what are your needs in terms of home heating? Do you prefer a fireplace that offers the look and feel of a fire? What additional requirements are there? Is there adequate ventilation available? Some models may require an existing fireplace insert.

Is the wood heater certified?

Installing a wood heater in your home requires compliance with the Australian Standards AS/NZS 4012 and 4013. Certification ensures that your fireplace system has been specially designed for Australian homes and the use of Australian-sourced fire wood.

Proper professional wood heater installation

Wood heater installation requires the attention of a professional installer. Not only would this provide you with peace of mind that your unit is correctly installed but a professional installer is well aware of the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2918 that have to be adhered to. Your insurance company will also need to be notified if this is your first installation.

At Jetmaster we not only provide you with great quality products but have expert staff who are more than happy to answer your questions whether it is about our products or installation requirements. Give us a call if you’re planning to install a wood heater in your home in Melbourne.

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