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4 Common Fireplace Mistakes To Avoid

Can you think of anything in winter that’s more cosy, more comforting, more inviting than sitting close to a fireplace with a book or a good friend and a glass of wine? There’s nothing quite like that feeling.

However, there are certain safety features that need to be adhered to and potential hazards you need to avoid at all costs. Without paying due attention to these things, you could be putting you and your family at risk.

Also, besides the hazards of fire, you should also look at the design of your fireplace so that it’s suitable and matches well with the styles of your home.

So, have a look at these common fireplace mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Safety

When it comes to fire, safety must be your number one priority. Ensure that your fireplace has been serviced before you add flames this winter. Regular checks can avoid problematic issues, and even save you money in the long run. Another crucial element is that you use only the right types of wood, such as redgum, for your wood burning fireplace, otherwise you could suffer from health ramifications.

  • Proportion

If you have a mantel piece, we suggest keeping it in the medium-sized realm compared to the size of your fireplace. A large mantle can overwhelm the space and take away the charm of the flames, while a very small one can be viewed as a sort of an afterthought.

  • Design

Fireplaces have always been a fascination, and although in years gone by they were used as the only source of heat, today, we have the choice of design. We suggest taking advantage of the many designs out there and not remaining stuck with the same fireplace you’ve had for decades. You can upgrade your fireplace in your current pit with something more modern – or you could even convert your wood fireplace to gas, which has many benefits.

  • Clutter

Mainly for safety, we suggest keeping the hearth clear of clutter, especially by removing things such as furniture, rugs or carpet, clothing items and anything else that could catch fire. Also, for style reasons, try not to bombard your fireplace area with too many items as it will take away from the attraction. You don’t need to add anything besides what you have on the mantel – simplicity is key.

These are simple tips to keep you updated with not only the fireplace trends in Melbourne this winter, but also to keep your fireplace working well and keeping you warm, cosy and most importantly, safe!

If you’re looking for a new fireplace or to upgrade your current one, then contact us today for the perfect solution this winter.

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