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5 Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs A Service

To ensure that your gas fireplace provides you with a reliable and efficient service life, you will need to have it serviced. Service maintenance makes sure that any minor repairs do not escalate into more significant problems and that your unit is operating safely.

While gas fireplace manufacturers usually suggest an annual service schedule or at least one service every 2 years, here are 5 signs that indicate it is time to have your gas fireplace checked by a certified gas fireplace technician:

  • Flickering flame
  • Unit doesn’t turn on and other ignition issues
  • A popping of banging sound when igniting
  • Fan noisy or not working
  • Remote issues – not working correctly

A comprehensive gas fireplace service inspection should include the following important checks:

  • An inspection of hoses and connections for wear and tear and leakages.
  • Testing of carbon monoxide levels.
  • Checking the pilot assembly.
  • Inspecting the igniter.
  • Inspecting all safety switches.
  • Inspecting all electrical components and wiring.
  • Inspection of flue network.
  • Change any batteries as required.
  • Examination of fireplace walls for signs of rust.
  • Testing of safe operation of the gas valve.

Do not attempt any DIY solutions, regular service of the unit should be sufficient and ensuring that the fireplace is regularly checked over will suffice. Technicians have special licences to be able to work on a fireplace.

It is typical for quality gas fireplaces to offer a service life of up to 20 years. If your gas fireplace is older than that, it may be time for a replacement. To keep your fireplace running smoothly, keep up regular maintenance.

Are you in the market for a new gas fireplace or do you need your current fireplace unit serviced? Check out our troubleshooting page for important information, otherwise, you can call Jetmaster now or fill out our online service form.


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