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5 Tips for Installing an Outdoor Fireplace in Melbourne

Thinking Of Installing An Outdoor Fireplace at Your Home?

A modern outdoor fireplace will add value to both your lifestyle and your Melbourne home. Open dancing flames can evoke a magical atmosphere in which you can gather the family and friends around and tell stories of ancestral legend and family folklore if you want. Or simply sit in wondrous silence and ponder what mysteries lay beyond the vast open starry sky.

Upgrade your outdoor entertainment area with one of our contemporary-designed gas and wood outdoor fireplace heating systems. Their stunning classic designs will capture both the mind and the heart. You will want to spend more time outdoors no matter the time of the year. Why not create a new focal point in your backyard? We have 5 planning tips for you to bear in mind:

1.     Location

Yes, it is all about location if you want to maximize on your enjoyment of your new outdoor feature. Important points like the ease of access and any adjacent structures such as a swimming pool, hot tub or patio can influence where you install the fireplace.

2.    What purpose will the outdoor fireplace serve?

What function would you like your outdoor fireplace to serve? Do you want a unit that would encourage a cosy space to socialise and mingle or a unit that doubles as a cooker? Our pizza oven models are perfect for baking bread, pizza and any other Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

3.    Size of fireplace

The size of your fireplace unit will depend on the space available in your designated entertainment area. Our well-designed pizza ovens will require more space than our stunning outdoor firepit range.

4.    Stress-free maintenance

You don’t want to spend more time than is necessary maintaining your outdoor fireplace. Opt for a maintenance-friendly unit with little cleaning required such as our universal outdoor wood fire range.

5.    Safety

This is an important consideration for homes with young children and pets. Are there any man-made structures or natural vegetation in the immediate environment that could pose a fire safety hazard? Is there adequate ventilation to prevent smoke from entering your home? Are there any local authority and building codes you have to consider?

When shopping around for the perfect outdoor fireplace for your home it is a good idea to have as many questions as possible to ask your supplier. At Jetmaster we have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer all of your questions.

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