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Why An Expert Should Modify Your Existing Fireplace

Do you consider yourself a DIY expert? If you do, then you might have considered converting or modifying your own existing fireplace. Sure it might seem like a straightforward job and why should you pay an expert to do it if you can do it yourself? But actually, it’s more difficult than you think and requires expertise from professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

Why? Well, when non-professionals attempt to make changes to a fireplace without the necessary training or equipment, it can have disastrous results. It might sound dramatic, but a mishap in the process can impact both your fireplace’s efficiency and safety, as well as the health of you and your family. It is crucial that a licensed installer completes any work on your fireplace to ensure it is installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications and Australian standards.

While you might think that making changes or doing the installation yourself is harmless, they are certainly not worth the minuscule savings on time and money that you’re making. Air quality assessors have found that self-modified fireplaces cause lower air quality and contribute to neighbourhood smog and haze.

Homeowners should also bear in mind that when they modify or convert fireplaces themselves, it will be unlikely to meet national air quality standards. It’s also believed that it can reduce the overall lifespan of their fireplaces and its mechanisms, and void any warranty it might have had.

Although there are currently no penalties for DIY fireplace modifications and conversions, it is still something that is best avoided. If you have a problem with your fireplace going through fuel too frequently, you should explore using better fuel sources, such as hardwoods that burn longer.

Or you could purchase and install a new, more modern fireplace that will perform better and more efficiently while producing fewer emissions.

Rather than risking potential environmental and health concerns in modifying your own fireplace, Jetmaster can take over the entire task of enhancing, replacing or changing out your fireplace for an affordable price. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

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