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Before You Install A Fireplace In Your Bedroom, Consider This…


A fireplace in a bedroom adds that special, cosy charm of a Bronte novel, transforming you back to the days of elegance, relaxation and absolute pleasure. What could be more romantic?

Having a professionally-installed fireplace, with a hearth, is not as difficult as you might imagine, but you really need to consider a few things before striking the match.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Fireplace

It is important to consider the types of fireplaces available so that you can make the best decision to enhance your bedroom space. Are you looking for a wood or a gas unit? Open or closed unit? Also, costs may vary, if that is a concern for your design. The design of your home will affect the style of the fireplace and flue system, so keep this in mind when considering a fireplace.

There are generally three types of fireplaces you can choose for a bedroom; namely:

  1. Insert

These fireplaces sit in the wall cavity with the wall and have a chimney installed for the smoke to escape.

  1. Freestanding

As the name suggests, these are freestanding units that are not installed into a wall. These still require flueing for the units.

  1. Portable

These can be placed anywhere in the bedroom, and do not require a flue. These may be electric or use an alcohol-based gel to initiate flames.

  • Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your place of rest, your private space. It should reflect everything you like and desire. Once you have chosen the type of fireplace you like most, you can then go ahead and consider the dimensions and size of the fireplace you need, and of course, where to place it.

The rule of thumb for design always suggests installing a fireplace that is roughly one-30th of the room’s size. For example, if your room’s size is 50square-metres, then your fireplace should be around 1.5 metres.

Also, if you decide to place your fireplace in front of your bed, it should be made at a level of about 15 to 20cm higher than your bed so that you can see the embers flicker while you’re lying down.

There are several designs to consider, and it is important to communicate your needs to your fireplace supplier to ensure you get the perfect fireplace for your home.

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