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Choose The Right Finish For Your Fireplace!

After months of careful consideration, you’ve finally settled on the perfect wall-mounted fireplace for your home – be it gas-powered or wood-burning and open or closed. You’re confident that you have chosen one that will perform as you need it to as well as one that will fit in well with your existing lifestyle. But you aren’t done quite yet. You still need to decide what finish you would like to suit your home.

Different types of fireplaces each offer their own unique functional benefits, in addition to adding to a particular style of your home and the room in question. Whether wood or gas, ensuring your fireplace is in keeping with your home is an important consideration.

The first thing to consider is fuel. Do you want the ease and convenience of a gas fireplace, or maybe you don’t have access to gas so wood burning is the way to go? What is available and practical for your home will affect this decision. Perhaps you have an existing chimney – we have fireplaces designed to go into existing chimneys. Ascertaining these details is the most important decision to make.

The second thing you need to consider is the shape and size of your chimney or flue. Will it be going straight up or will it be structured around an obstruction? If you have obstructions or are wanting to flue horizontally, a closed gas or balanced flue fireplace will be the way to go. If you have minimal restrictions, you have more options as to the type of fireplace you can choose from.

You will also need to consider performance. If you are looking for something to be more decorative with only a little ambient heat, then an open gas fireplace is suitable; if you’re wanting some heat in a gas fireplace then balanced flue systems are applicable. Wanting a wood-burning fireplace with high heat output and long burn times? Then a slow combustion fire is the best choice.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, there are stylistic choices to make with any unit. From a range of trims, mantels and fascias, the finish of your fireplace is key to ensuring it suits your home and style.

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong choice – only one that suits you and your home better. Take your time and choose the one you’ll be happy to live with for the next few years, as that’s the most important thing. If you’d like our complimentary advice and input on the matter, you know where to find us. Call 1300 219 875

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