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Cutting Edge Technology in Balanced Flue Gas Fireplace

Add a Designer Element to Your Home

The Australian home heating industry has certainly fired up the imaginations and warmed the hearts of Australian homeowners with the modern range of fireplaces available today. Cutting-edge technology has made it possible for any homeowner to upgrade their homes and lifestyles by installing a contemporary-designed fireplace in their homes.

Ultra-modern designs

Ground-breaking technology and innovative designs have rejuvenated the tired face of a traditional fireplace. Balanced flue gas fireplaces don’t require chimneys which means they can be installed in most homes.

Installation in any room

Modern fireplaces are so well designed that some types do not require traditional venting, making it possible for a fireplace to be installed in untraditional rooms such as bathrooms.

The technology used in balanced flue gas units features venting systems to be installed on the outside of the home, eliminating many of the restrictions that would previously have prevented homeowners from installing fireplaces.

Customised home heating solutions

Different gas fireplace models offer different energy outputs. For smaller bedrooms, choosing a compact model like Heat & Glo’s 350TRSI is more suitable while larger models are more effective in warming up larger spaces. An excellent choice for master bedrooms and living rooms is the XLR Plus which heats up an area of 60 to 70 square metres. Whatever your heating needs are, you will find a fireplace unit up to the challenge. Always be mindful that the heat output of any fire will depend on the size of the room and other features – for instance is the house older and drafty, or have high ceilings and unglazed windows? There are numerous factors that can affect the heat, so ask an expert for the best fireplace to suit your needs.

Improved safety features

Thanks to advanced technology modern fireplaces are equipped to meet industry safety standards. To ensure complete peace of mind, choose a fireplace model that bears the Australian authority’s stamp of approval.

Find your perfect fit of balanced flue gas fireplaces at Jetmaster VIC. We are Australia’s leading fireplace supplier of exclusive top-of-the-range fireplaces. Our knowledgeable and experienced customer representatives are on hand to help you buy with confidence. Contact us today!

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