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Does Your Gas Fireplace Need A Flue?

One of the most common questions homeowners ask when they’re considering installing a gas fireplace in their home is whether or not this option requires a flue? The simple answer is yes, and that’s for safety reasons. A flue is necessary to effectively and safely remove harmful gases – such as carbon monoxide – which are created when the gas fuel is burnt. They are safely transported into the air outside the home.

How does balanced flue technology work?

Balanced flue technology is a specially designed sealed system that allows for the operation of safe and efficient fires. Created by Heat & Glo more than 20 years ago, the technology utilises a twin skin flue system that produces not only outstanding, efficient performance but also ensures superior indoor air quality.

Balanced flue gas fireplaces make use of outside air for heating; and releases toxic by-products including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, as well as superfluous moisture, outside the home. The units which have a balanced flue are completely glassed off, so the air for combustion is produced by drawing air from outside via the flue before exhausting it back out of the flue safely. That’s why indoor air quality is not compromised.

In addition, the flexibility of balanced flue technology offers innovative installation options for situations when vertical flue kits may not be suitable. Some units can be flued horizontally out of the rear of the unit. The design of the flue can be diverted around bends to accommodate architectural elements such as windows.

Open gas units have a single flue to transport by-products outside however they still need another form of ventilation of fresh air into the room. Your plumber will determine how many ventilation points will be needed for your room so that the fireplace can get fresh air for its burning without compromising the indoor air quality.

For more information on balanced flue technology and the requirements to install a flue, please contact us anytime. Our friendly team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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