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Five Things You Should Know Before Installing An Electric Fireplace


You’ve decided that you want a fireplace, but you don’t currently have a fixed position for one, a fully functional chimney or a gas connection. What’s the solution?

An electric fireplace offers the look and feel of a fireplace but at a lower cost, with an easier installation and with less harm to the environment. Before you decide to get one, here are a few things you show know about electric fireplaces:

1. There are no real flames

You know that the flames produced by an electric fireplace aren’t real, but you should know that the warmth produced by them are. An electric fireplace, much like a heater, uses a fan to force out heat and warm your home, but should typically be used a secondary heating solution. As it uses electricity only, it requires considerable more energy than a gas or wood fireplace, meaning it may impact your electricity bill.

2. No real flames mean less smoke and pollution indoors

As no wood is burnt to produce flames, no emissions are created. You don’t need to have a chimney to ferry out smoke, and the environment isn’t harmed by air pollution.

3. It’s movable

This is a benefit you wouldn’t get with any fixed fireplace. Electric fireplace heaters can be moved to different rooms within your home. If you’re moving to a new house, you can take your electric heater with you too.

4. Minimal effort and maintenance

We live in an era where we prefer convenience at the touch of a button and an electric fireplace fits into this category. You won’t need to continually monitor your fireplace as you would with a wood-burning one.

5. Variety of designs, shapes and sizes

Depending on the design and layout of your home, you can opt to have your electric fireplace on the ground or mounted into a wall. Because you aren’t constrained by the presence of a chimney, it can go anywhere.

Have you decided that an electric fireplace is a right fit for your home? Contact Jetmaster for more information on choosing an electric fireplace and the installation process.

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