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How To Choose The Best Open Gas Fireplace For Your Home

Double Sided, Insert Or Freestanding Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are great. If you’ve always wanted the look and appearance of a real fire, but with with less heat and maintenance then an open gas fireplace does the trick. It does require a fresh air supply to ignite itself, before drawing it in under the fire and recirculating it in the room, but apart from that, it’s very low maintenance.

You simply choose whether you want ceramic logs, pebbles or coals as your backdrop and the rest takes care of itself. The only major decision you’ll need to make is whether you want a double-sided, insert or freestanding open gas fireplace. Here’s what each option offers:

Double-Sided Open Gas Fireplaces

If you have an open-plan space in your home or are thinking of knocking down a wall between two smaller spaces to create one large one, then a double-sided open fireplace is the best choice. You can create a feature wall around the fireplace if the area is open plan, allowing for space to walk around it, and providing an attractive and grounding focal point to any large room. Alternatively as a decorative piece between two separate rooms.

Freestanding Open Gas Fireplaces 

Freestanding open gas fireplaces are encased in a metal box which you can have in black or a stainless steel finish. It looks best in rooms with high, cathedral ceilings and large windows or floor-to-ceiling glass windows. For those wanting a fireplace but do not have the practicality to place it in an existing chimney or wall, a freestanding fireplace is a great option.

Insert Open Gas Fireplaces 

If you have an existing fireplace that you’re not happy with in terms of performance and appearance, a gas fireplace insert can solve your problems. With the ability to be inserted into an existing chimney or a new build, it’s easy to find a size to suit your application. The best part is that you can customise its exterior with a variety of trims, fascias and mantels to match the style of your home.

Whichever option you go for, make sure you only trust a professional to install your open gas fireplace of choice. This way you can enjoy it safely and with minimal disruption. For more information, visit our showroom at 444 Swan St in Richmond or contact us for your nearest dealer.

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