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Installing A Fireplace From Scratch With a Reputable Installer

It’s Easier Than You Think

Thinking about getting a fireplace installed but put off by the perceived time and effort it will take? Many people would love to enjoy the old-fashioned intimacy of a traditional fireplace, but assume that unless they convert an existing fireplace, or have an existing chimney, it’s going to be a long, expensive and complex process. This simply isn’t true. If you work with a professional fireplace installer, it can be a quick and painless process!

Times have changed, and so has the structure of most modern homes. You can install a fireplace in pretty much any home environment, whether you are looking for a wood fireplaces or a gas-powered fireplace, glass-fronted or open fireplace. With many of these options, you will be able to add tremendous depth and height to create a larger overall space for better warmth and heating – a great choice when you’ve expanded a room in the home or added to it. And as most rooms in the home can take on a fireplace, you could even install one in a less conventional area such as your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Installing an all-new fireplace is incredibly safe and comes with very few risks. The core safety concern will be adequate venting. Depending on the type of fireplace being installed, the venting specifications will vary. For example, if you have a balanced flue system, you can terminate either vertically or horizontally. With open gas fireplaces, air vents are required, as they use oxygen in the room, and less flexibility with flue runs compared to a closed gas unit. If you’re unsure of what is suitable for your home, the best thing to do is discuss it with a qualified installer who can advise you on what options are available.

Once you have decided on a fireplace and various stylistic options such as trim, media and finish,  installation can take place very quickly. And once it’s done, you’ll be treated to a modern-looking fireplace that works perfectly – and that you’ll be dying to show off!

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