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Jetmaster Built-In BBQs

Why this BBQ is the star of your next outdoor event…

Barbecuing is one of the defining features of a country’s cuisine and in many ways, its national pride. Nearly every country has its own barbeque traditions, from Asia to Africa, the middle east and of course, the great Aussie outdoors…

There is nothing like sitting outside on a balmy Aussie summer night or gathering around a fire on a cool winter’s evening (marshmallows optional!)

The Jetmaster range of built-in BBQ’s are the ultimate outdoor accessory to bring people together and take your social experiences to the next level.

1. All Night Long:

 The Jetmaster built-in BBQ range acts as an outdoor fire AND barbeque, ensuring your outdoor social gathering can continue long into the night. Spend the day unleashing your passion for the grill before gathering around the fire and spending some quality time with your guests.

2. Rain, Hail or Shine.

Seamlessly blend the contractor range into your outdoor entertainment living area, with its clean design making it the perfect asset for your patio.

If it’s a summer party, winter solstice or just a casual dinner, this inbuilt barbeque will add a new dimension to the word entertainment and ensure memories are made for a lifetime. Best of all, the Jetmaster Built-In BBQ contains a sliding door to conceal it all, ready for the next social gathering.

Jetmaster BBQs

3. Flavour dialled up to the next degree

Have a cracker of a summer’s evening and fire up the barbie utilising the nickel-plated grill; think smoked ribs, sausages, melt-in-your-mouth beef brisket and more. Weather calling for heartier provisions? Then utilise the cast iron strewing pot hook to cook your next stew, braise or chilli…This is your chance to spice things up from the usual!

Jetmaster BBQs with meat cooking

Let your next social gathering be a cracker of an affair.

See the range of BBQ’s at our showroom, or visit our Jetmaster built-in BBQ here.

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