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Keep Your Gas Fireplace Working All Through Winter

Troubleshoot These Common Problems With A Few Handy Tips

Before the onslaught of winter is the opportune time to ensure that your gas fireplace is in good working order. While major issues should always be handled by a certified technician there are a few common problems that can be dealt with by yourself.

1. Receiver not beeping

If you find that there is no response from your fireplace indicated by a beeping sound, then there are a few checks you can perform. You may have dead batteries in your remote which would need to be changed. How to troubleshoot additional issues:

• Try new batteries in your remote, and ensure there are no visible signs of corrosion due to battery leakage. If you do not use your fireplace frequently, or the fire will not be turned on for some time if it is coming into the warmer months, we recommend removing the batteries from your remote to prevent battery leakage.
• If your remote lights up, but the module does not beep, check that your isolation switch is on.
• Your remote is not paired to the module. Follow the instructions so that they are synced.

2. The gas fireplace unit does not ignite

If you’re experiencing issues with no ignition, try the following steps:

• Check that your isolation switch is turned on.
• Your unit may be in lockout, which is a safety feature built into the fireplace. Turn your isolation switch off for 1-3 minutes and try again.

3. No pilot flame and control continues to spark

This problem can be the result of limited or no gas flow. Other problems and related solutions include:
• If the unit hasn’t been used in some time, you may need to try a few times to get the gas flowing.

4. Fan is not turning on

• The fan has an inbuilt delay and may take up to 10 minutes to come on.
• If it is a brand new unit, the fan has to be programmed to turn on. Using the remote, turn the fan off and back on again. You may need to do this twice or so.

As with all mechanical appliances it is only natural that some issues do arise over time. Should you have any concerns it is always wise to seek the help of a professional fireplace technician. Keep in mind that this information is relevant to the current models from Heat & Glo. You can book a service for your fireplace by calling us on 1300 195 482, or completing a form on our website at

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