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Key Steps To Properly Cleaning Your Fireplace Glass Screen

When you choose to install a Heat & Glo gas fireplace over a wood-burning one, you’re probably doing so as you want a clean burning and easy-to-fuel alternative. Of course, you’ll want to enjoy the visual appeal of flames as well. To keep enjoying this and to make sure you’re always aware that your fireplace performs at its best, make sure you understand the keys to properly cleaning its glass screen.

After a few months of using your Heat & Glo gas fireplace, you might start to notice a tint developing on the glass. This is a naturally occurring part of operating a fireplace, as it is carbon deposits produced by the fire.

Many homeowners put off cleaning due to fear of how to do it. The presence of gas often creates a concern – but one that is unfounded, as long as you follow the instructions provided to you by the fireplace professional who installed it or those found in your accompanying owner’s manual. Contacting fireplace maintenance experts is always an option, but if you’d rather do it yourself, here’s our guide to pull it off successfully. You will need protective gloves, glass cleaner, a drop cloth, and a stable work surface.

Step One –Ensure the glass from your fireplace is completely cool, and prepare a work area large enough to accommodate the fixed glass assembly and door frame by placing a drop cloth on a flat, stable surface.

Step Two –Depending on how heavy the deposits are, will affect how you clean the glass. For light deposits, use a soft cloth with soap and water. For heavier deposits, use a commercial fireplace glass cleaner. If you’re unsure what to use, contact your local dealer. Avoid using paper towel as it can tear and leave pieces behind on the glass.

Step Three –Once the glass is fully cleaned and dry, carefully set fixed glass assembly in place on the fireplace. Hold the glass in place with one hand and secure the glass latches with the other hand. Then reinstall the door or decorative front for your unit.

For more information on your homeowner maintenance tasks, consult your owner’s manual or contact your local dealer for more information.

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