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Learn Some Gas Fireplace Terminology


You Can Make The Best Choice For Your Needs

Fireplace engineering and technology has turned today’s Australian fireplace market around. There is now, more than ever, a diverse range of fireplace models making shopping for one an exciting (and sometimes confusing) experience.

If you’re in the market for a new gas fireplace for your home make sure you identify your needs and do your homework first. Due diligence ensures that you know all the relevant terminology involved and options and types available to make installing a fireplace a stress-free experience.

Balanced flue

Balanced flue gas fireplaces are an option that finds most favour with Australian homeowners. This is because they offer the unmatched charm of a wood fireplace as well as superior heat output. This is a highly suitable option for homes without an existing chimney. The unit is connected to an external cowl via the balanced flue system, which draws in clean air from outside for combustion, and expels the minimal combustion by-products.

Open gas

As the name suggests, an open gas fireplace is one that does not have glass covering it. These fires look great, but only provide ambient warmth, and you are more restricted in regards to flueing and features. Unlike balanced flue fires where you can change the flame height, set the thermostat or control the fan speed, with an open gas your options are simply on or off. They also require fresh air vents in the room and use more gas than balanced flue units.

Solid fuel fire

Solid fuel fires or wood burning stoves as they are alternatively known are a popular choice for those who prefer the ambience created by wood fireplaces. While many find solid fuel fireplaces as very economical to maintain, there are a few installation requirements to meet such as using a professional installation company and meeting local authority regulations.

Each of the different types of fireplaces available comes with its own unique distinctive benefits as well as restrictions. Knowing what these are and what your individual needs allow you to make a better-informed decision in choosing the perfect fireplace installation for your home. At Jetmaster we are proud of our exciting line-up of beautiful gas fireplace designs. Not only are they easy to use, but whatever your need you’re sure to find something to suit your home. Contact us today!

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