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Restrictions You Need To Know About Outdoor Fireplaces


An outdoor fire can be a great way to entertain your guests in your backyard or on your patio. In fact, outdoor fireplaces allow you to enjoy your entertainment area all year round. Despite strict regulations and restrictions for outdoor fireplaces that have been put into place, there should be nothing to stop you from enjoying a blazing fire.

Safety for citizens comes first for the Australian Government, and we agree — for this reason, we have listed a few basic outdoor fireplace regulations you should know before setting up an outdoor fire:

  • Pay attention to the media

The Government urges you to pay attention to the media for code-red days in which no fires are permitted. This depends on the season, the weather, etc. in which no fires, including solid or liquid fires, are permitted.

  • Extinguish the fire before you leave

On “total fire-ban” days, you must ensure that the fire is properly extinguished to reduce any risk of danger. (Please note, this only applies for outdoor wood fires – see below)

  • Adult supervision

There needs to be at least one adult present during an open fire. This adult shall also be solely responsible for running the fire.

What you should know is that on “total fire ban

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