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The Best Design Ideas For Your Fireplace Mantel


If you consider that your fireplace is the centrepiece of many homes in Melbourne, take a moment to consider how vital the fireplace mantel is, since it sits aloft the fireplace, visible to all those eyes who stand before the flames. With this in mind, it should now become paramount that your fireplace mantel needs to be decorated in a way that expresses your home’s overall design and style.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started and to help you with your design ideas:

  • Less means more

The best advice we can give you about designing your fireplace mantel is to keep it simple. You don’t want to overdo it with trophies, awards, photos, crystal glasses, potpourri, and tiny ornaments from your trip to Europe. Think of what brings you the most joy or what inspires you the most, spread it out and keep it simple.

  • Keep it personal

If you want your fireplace mantel to stand out and be part of the family, as it were, then you need to dig deep and find out what really defines you and your family. Could it be photos of you and the family? Perhaps including something really personal that only your family has achieved such as an award or a certificate. Give it that personal touch that only you know how.

  • A seasonal touch will spice it up

You’ve got the opportunity to redecorate your fireplace mantel four times a year, spicing up your home instead of leaving it to become a drab old mantelpiece. Freshen it up in summer with cool colours, or shells from the beach. In winter, place mismatched sticks in a vase. Of course, by seasonal, we also mean “festive

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