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The Best Tips For Preparing Your Fireplace For The Upcoming Winter

Winter is around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing your fireplace so that it’s in top condition for when you and your family want to sit around and enjoy its heat and ambience.

It’s also important to prepare your fireplace in order to keep it safe for you and your family, so that you can maximise the enjoyment you get from your fireplace.

Here’s what you should do to prepare your fireplace for the upcoming winter:

  • Chimney sweep

It is a good idea, before the winter season starts, to hire a professional chimney sweeper. Most of these professionals will also be able to check other items in your chimney. For example, they can check for any cracks, water damage and can also ensure that the chimney cap is secured in order to prevent animals and other debris from entering.

  • Ventilation

If your fireplace requires ventilation, like some open gas fires, check that there are no blockages, particularly if the vent is open to the outside. Call a professional if you aren’t sure yourself. Also, you can install a fan above your fireplace to distribute the heat evenly throughout your home.

  • Fireplace cover

Open wood fireplaces should always have a screen and hearth with the unit, as firewood naturally sparks and crackles. Be mindful that you shouldn’t have combustible materials too close to any fireplace, always check your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer if you need more information.

  • Wood

The type of wood you use can affect the way your fire burns. The best firewood is hardwood, the exact types of hardwood can vary from state to state depending on what is available. You  should only ever burn split, seasoned wood with a moisture content of around 15-20%. If you are chopping your own wood, you can purchase a moisture meter to test when your wood is at the optimum time to burn. By burning green wood (wood that has not been seasoned for long enough or has too much moisture still in it) you will not get as good a burn from your fire, and the efficiency will decrease.

  • How much wood?

This will come down to the size of your firebox. Manufacturers will usually have recommendations for maximum log length so follow those instructions.

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