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The Essential Fireplace Accessories You Can’t Go Without


While modern fireplaces are no doubt safer than the ones we used a century ago, you’re still literally playing with fire. One wrong move and your finger or hand could get caught in the blaze, especially if you’re trying to do it all using your hands.

An added advantage of modern fireplaces is that they come with a range of modern accessories, which makes handling them foolproof and smoother than ever. Here are the accessories that will help you get the most out of your fireplace, without risking life and!

Accessory #1: A Strong Stoker

This iron tool serves as an extension of your hand for you to manage your fire with. It protects your hand from flames and the radiating heat emitted from the fireplace. It’s an essential accessory that comes in handy anytime you need to prod, poke or pull materials that are ablaze in your fireplace.

Accessory #2: Time-Saving Tongs

A set of tongs can save you time, because it lets you pick up hot materials and move them without getting hurt. It’s useful for when you need to rearrange the contents of your fireplace.

Accessory #3: A Storage Unit For Firewood

Storing wood where it’s accessible, but not in the way and causing a mess, is essential. You can invest in ready-made units, such as our wood storage unit. You’ll never have to worry about your stack of firewood toppling over again.

Accessory #4: A Special Broom With Strong Bristles

Burnt-out fires leave lots of residual ashes, which need to be swept away by heatproof bristles before the next fire is lit. With a fireplace broom on hand, it’s a quick and easy task.

Accessory #5: Save Your Face With Blowing Bellows

Blowing air onto a fire increases the flames. Instead of huffing and puffing until you’re red in the face or fanning flammable papers near it, get yourself a bellows to do all the hard work for you. It offers targeted air delivery with great results.

You Could Always Get An Entire Set

Don’t want to purchase each of the above items individually? Then order the full Jetmaster fire tools set, which has everything you need so that you can handle your fires safely and swiftly. It comes in four styles to suit any interior along with modern log holders for your firewood or to use as a feature in your home.

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