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Thinking Of Switching To A Freestanding Gas Fireplace? Read This First!


When you’re thinking of getting a new fireplace installed or switching to a different version to the one you currently have, there are many choices to consider. Not all fireplaces are the same and each has something different to offer. With freestanding gas fireplaces increasing in popularity, here’s what you need to consider if you think this choice might be best for your home:


A freestanding gas fireplace is easy to use. Simply flip a switch or press a button on a remote and you have instant flames without having to worry about lighting, stacking wood and starters or dealing with ash or creosote.


If having a fireplace is a feature you’re wanting in your home, but installation in a wall is not practical or available, a freestanding fireplace could be a great compromise. Perfect for a corner space, without the need of having to build a wall out.


If warmth is important to you, then a
balanced flue freestanding gas fireplace can offer you heat efficiency with unprecedented control, allowing you to use a thermostat and adjustable flame height to suit your needs. If you’re more interested in something decorative, an open gas fireplace offers ambient heat with a great-looking fire.


Because you don’t need a chimney you can have a freestanding gas fireplace in any room of the home – even in your bathroom or in upstairs rooms.


Because these kinds of fireplaces are more complex in terms of machinery than wood-burning ones if the fireplace requires servicing you will need a licensed technician to do so. We recommend servicing your unit at least once every two years to keep it in top working order.


Even though gas fireplaces are very sophisticated these days, you will not be able to replicate the look, smell and feel of a wood-burning fireplace one hundred per cent. For some, this will be a key decision in choosing a wood or gas fireplace.

Make sure you have evaluated these pros and cons thoroughly before making your decision to avoid inconvenience and to make sure you’re happy with your freestanding gas fireplace for years to come. For more information contact us!

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