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Top Fireplace Trends For 2018

A fireplace in any Australian home adds value no matter what style it is. There’s just that something a fireplace adds that no other piece of furniture or item can match. However, there are newer trends that are emerging, especially this year, which you should take note of if you’re thinking of remodelling your fireplace or having a new one installed.

Here are our top three fireplace trends for 2018:

  1. The trusted wood

About a decade ago, gas fireplaces were the “in” thing to have in your Melbourne home, because it was seen as a better resource to use. And whilst they are still a hugely popular option, wood burning fireplaces are back in a big way. Especially because of their ability to provide longer-lasting burns and that ambience only a wood fire can create. 

  1. The wraparound

The wraparound lost a bit of its fame in the last couple of decades, but the fashion surrounding this fireplace has recently grown in popularity among Australian home owners. There’s a good reason for the rise in heat regarding the wraparound fireplace – it’s become the ultimate centrepiece because it encases the fire from all directions, giving you a full view of the fire like no other. A definite eye-catcher, and a great idea to install if you’re thinking of selling your home, since prospective buyers will find the wraparound a fascinating aspect to the home.

  1. The bedroom and bathroom

Having a fireplace in the bedroom hasn’t always been such a popular choice in the past. It’s been seen as being “a bit too much” – but lately, the market for having a fireplace in the bedroom has increased dramatically. The idea of adding extra warmth to the bedroom is becoming ever-important. Not only in the bedroom, but the bathroom is also receiving the attention of a flickering fireplace. Imagine coming out of the shower or bath, in the winter without having to shuffle your way as fast as possible to a warm spot. With the fireplace right there, what could be better?

So, there you have it. These are our top three fireplace trends that are making a huge impact on the style of homes in Melbourne and across Australia.

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