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Top Safety Tips For Using Your Fire Pit

No fireplace is more engaging than an outdoor fire pit with it’s incredible atmosphere. The naturalness of it, and its entertaining qualities that encourage conversation and togetherness. Still, although we all love a good fire pit, there are points of safety to take into consideration. For this reason, we have put together a few handy tips to ensure your new fire pit is completely safe.

  • Read Operational Instructions

The manufacturer will provide you with a booklet on everything you need to know about managing and maintaining your fire pit properly and safely. Give it a read. It’s not only important for safety reasons, but it will help you operate it effectively as well.

  • Use the right gas

With most gas fire pits, you can specify to operate the unit on either natural gas or LPG at time of purchase. If your fire pit is fixed, natural gas is the easiest option. For fire pits that you want to flexibility to be able to move around, LPG bottles are a good choice.

  • Position it correctly

The position of your fire pit is important with regard to safety. Ensure that it is installed where there are no overhanging branches and leaves that could catch fire and cause an uncontrollable blaze. Also, place it in an open area for good air circulation. There will be clearances required for your fire pit, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Educate your children

Children are curious by nature. It’s better to sit them down and show them how a fire pit works, and teach them about the safety measures that always need to be followed. Explain how a fire can get out of control easily, and how dangerous it is.

These tips will now help you keep safety in mind, first and foremost. If you’re after more advice on fire pits and whether your backyard is suited for one, contact us today!

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