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Top Tips To Help You Care For Your Outdoor Fireplace


When it comes to creating an attractive and vibrant centrepiece to your outdoor entertainment area, you can’t beat the ambience created by an outdoor fireplace. From cold winter days, to cool summer nights, an outdoor fireplace offers a unique feature to any outdoor space. To keep this area enticing and safe for everyone enjoying it, here’s what you need to do to ensure your outdoor fireplace is always in good condition.

General Outdoor Fireplace Tips

  • A burning fire should never be left unattended. Keep a careful eye on it at all times.
  • Our Jetmaster fireboxes don’t need to be cleaned that much as the bottom ash which is burnt acts as a protective sheet for the metal and also helps insulate the heat from the fire.
  • Pay careful attention to the weather – rain, wind, sun exposure can affect your fireplace and how well it performs.

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Wood Outdoor Fireplace

  • Generally, just scraping off a few layers from the old ash (which becomes a firebrick almost) is all that is necessary
  • If required, use a brush with firm bristles and soapy water to wash all areas thoroughly.
  • If there are some stubborn areas that you cannot clean, then call in the professional.

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Gas Outdoor Fireplace

  • Getting your gas appliance serviced every two years

Remember to always follow the instructions on how to clean your outdoor fireplace as suggested by the manufacturer so that you don’t void your warranty.

Also, all outdoor fireplaces could benefit from getting a professional to check that it’s in working order at least once a year. If you use your outdoor fireplace more often, more regular inspections will be needed.

Jetmaster has a range of outdoor fireplaces to update your outdoor entertaining area. Visit our website to discover the full range of fireplaces available.

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