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Top Tips To Maintain Your Gas Fireplace


To ensure that your gas fireplace is in tiptop shape, there are certain things you should check every now and then. Even though now it’s summer, and your gas fireplace will be the last thing on your mind, come winter, it’s the first thing you’ll turn on.

So make sure all is in order so that as soon as the cool weather hits, your fireplace will be ready and waiting to go.

Here’s how:

  • Batteries

We recommend removing the batteries from your remote during the warmer months when your fireplace is not being used. As batteries can leak over time, battery acid can affect your remote adversely.

Depending on your model, you may also be able to use your fireplace in the event of a blackout, by placing batteries in the power pack of your module.

  • Keep flammable materials away

As with any fireplace, regarding of whether it is wood or gas, should have flammable or combustible materials kept away. If you have young children, it’s important to teach them to never touch the fireplace, even as it’s cooling down.

Installing a fireplace safety screen is also a good idea, is it will help keep pets and children safe from the fire. Some units come with a screen, but if you are concerned about children and pets getting too close you can also use a freestanding screen to keep them away.

  • Check detectors

As with any appliance in your home, regular maintenance is required to keep it in top working order, and your smoke alarms are no different. You should test your alarms weekly and change the batteries twice a year. A good way to remember to change the batteries is to do so when you change your clocks for daylight savings.

  • Service it

Your gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts, although very low maintenance, should be checked by a service technician at least once every two years. Technicians will be able to give your fireplace a full service and clean, identify any issues, and replace parts if necessary.

  • Read your manual

When you install a new gas fireplace, it is important to read your manual. It contains information about how to operate your gas unit and how to use your fireplace safely. There are also maintenance tasks set out in these manuals, which will help you have a better understanding of your new gas fireplace.

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