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Top Fire Safety Habits

Use Gas Log Fires Safely And Responsibly

At Jetmaster, we take great pride in providing you with aesthetically attractive and technologically advanced fireplace systems to help you create an inviting atmosphere within your home. While these systems are packed with great innovative features that include safety features we still suggest you implement a few fire safety habits to not only minimise fire risk but to ensure responsible and happy use of your gas log fire system for a very long time.

Professional installation matters

This one should be a no-brainer but it’s surprising how many homeowners choose the DIY option. Incorrectly installed gas fireplace systems can give rise to a number of nightmarish situations including gas leaks. A professional installer knowledgeable about the model knows best what the installation requirements are as well as the local authority’s regulations.

Proper operation of a gas log fireplace

We suggest that fireplace systems should only be operated by an adult and never a child. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct operation and maintenance procedures. While it may be tempting to throw foreign objects, including roasting marshmallows, onto a gas log fire this can cause clogging resulting in inefficient heat production and emission of soot and toxic fumes.

Other key safety techniques include:

  • Always check that the fireplace unit is switched off even if it features an automatic off switch when not in use.
  • Educate children on fire hazards and the importance of not playing with gas heaters.
  • When considering installing a gas fireplace in a room, factor in things like adequate ventilation and whether there are any flammable materials near the unit.
  • Have a fire extinguisher within easy reach.

A fireplace heater can be a potential danger zone if certain safety precautions are not met. For more tips on how to use your Jetmaster gas log fire safely and efficiently speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. We go to great lengths to provide you with an extraordinary level of customer satisfaction.

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