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What is Balanced Flue technology?


Balanced flue technology was created by Heat & Glo 20 years ago, and quickly became the preferred option for gas fireplaces. It is a completely sealed system that is safe, and convenient and offers consistently beautiful and efficient fires. Balanced flue technology uses a twin skin flue system to maintain optimum indoor air quality and impressive performance and efficiency.

The Heat & Glo range of balanced flue gas fireplaces uses outside air for combustion and expels by-products such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and excess moisture externally. Allowing either vertical or horizontal flue termination, balanced flue technology allows for the flexibility to install a fireplace in almost any room.

This flueing flexibility allows for extra installation options where a vertical flue kit may not be practical. You can also add 45° or 90° bends into the flue run so that if there are windows, framework and the like the flue can be diverted around any obstacles to its termination point.

Balanced flue technology is the most requested type of technology for gas fireplaces. For more information, please visit our website or call us on 1300 219 875 or visit our showroom at 444 Swan Street in Richmond.

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