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What Is Best For Your Fireplace – Coal, Pebbles or Logs?

A gas or electric fireplace is one of the cleanest and most efficient forms of lighting up your home with warmth and ambience. There are various burning media sets available, depending on your taste and what effect you most want to create.

A burner is simply the part of the fire through which the fire or flames appear. Before you can decide on the type of media, it’s best to understand the different types of media sets.

Media sets for your fireplace:

  • Pebbles

Pebbles are best suited for more modern homes, as they really create a unique focal point for your fireplace. The whiteness of the pebbles offers a bright hue, excellent for interior design, providing a neat, modern finish to your fireplace.

  • Coal

Coal is generally used in more traditional homes rather than modern ones. The warming glow of coals offers a realistic effect and can add to a truly authentic fireplace in your home, and will complement the design of your home perfectly.

  • Logs

Log media is designed to imitate the look of real Ironbark logs on the fire. It helps to create a more authentic look and feel, which will contribute to the ambience you want to create in your home.

There’s nothing like the ease of a gas fire since it adds the ambience and effect of a real fire without worrying about buying and storing firewood as you would with a traditional wood-burning fireplace. It also gives a contemporary design to your home and allows you the benefit of creating and transforming the atmosphere of your living space. What’s more, selecting the right type of material to use will help boost the value of your home if you are in the market of selling.

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