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When Should You Service Your Fireplace?


Every fireplace creates combustion by-products, whether a gas or wood burning fireplace. Although gas fireplaces are some of the most efficient heating devices available, it is recommended that they are serviced at least once every two years. To give you peace of mind for when the heating season comes by, make sure you have your fireplace serviced so that you can enjoy the cosiness of a fireplace that is safe and clean.

Here’s what you need to consider about your fireplace:

  • When to clean it

To check how often you need to be cleaning your fireplace, you should consult your owner’s manual. Generally, the glass, surround, front, remote and venting should be checked seasonally. There are some cleaning jobs to be left to a technician, so consult your manual for information.

  • What needs to be cleaned

The glass can easily be cleaned, either with a soft cloth and soap and water for light deposits, and for heavy deposits you can use a commercial fireplace glass cleaner. You can vacuum or dust surfaces such as the surround and front. You should remove batteries from your remote over the warmer months when the unit is not being used, so as to prevent any possible battery leakage damaging the remote.

  • What happens during a service

Your service technician will first inspect the exterior of your fireplace to ensure there are no cracks in the glass or any obvious damage. The interior will then be inspected. Then, the technician will inspect the gas ignition to ensure it lights instantly. The output will also be checked. They will clean the unit for you, and replace any parts if necessary.

You may not be thinking about servicing your fireplace right now, considering that it’s approaching summer; but just remember, winter will creep up on us quickly, and you want to be ready to light that fire the minute the cold-front hits. For that peace-of-mind confidence, contact Jetmaster Heat & Glo, Melbourne’s home fireplace experts, on 1300 219 875 today.

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