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Which Type Of Fireplace Is The Most Energy Efficient?


If you want to buy or sell a home, did you know that a fireplace is a highly sought-after feature? This begs the question – how do you choose what fireplace to use and make sure it looks great while saving you costs on energy consumption? Let’s compare the three most common fireplaces – gas, wood and electric – so that you can choose the type that’s best for your home and heating needs.

Wood Fireplaces

  • Wood fireplaces require more maintenance than gas, such as having your chimney swept and buying and storing firewood
  • Open wood fireplaces do lose some of the heat up the chimney, but provide convective and radiant heat
  • Slow combustion fireplaces offer great heat output, long burn times, and low emissions

Gas Fireplaces

  • Gas fireplaces are very easy to maintain and use, as they are operated by a full-function remote
  • Gas does lose heat up the chimney, but far less than wood burning fireplaces
  • Combustion by-products are expelled externally with balanced flue fireplaces, maintaining optimum indoor air quality
  • A wide range of sizes, designs, medias and trims available
  • Servicing is recommended once every two years

Electric Fireplaces

  • Electric fireplaces need very little maintenance
  • Electric fireplaces do not require servicing
  • They are decorative units, and produce very little heat
  • Electric fires do not require a chimney or a flue system; instead, they are bracketed to studwork or recessed into the wall
  • All the heat produced does not escape up the chimney and stays in the home
  • There are no pollutants produced
  • An electric fireplace is cool to touch so it is incredibly safe for a home with children and animals

If you really want to stick with a wood burning fireplace, then consider these tips on how to use it efficiently:

  • You should only burn dry, seasoned wood as it produces fewer pollutants and smoke in your fireplace, as too much moisture in the wood will affect the burn and efficiency
  • Have your chimney swept regularly to prevent a build-up of creosote or any blockages
  • If you have an open wood fire, know when to use your damper to feed air to the fire, and when to adjust it for a better burn

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